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Why You Should Consider Ken's Crane Services to Move Your Machinery

a trailer transporting heavy equipment

Winnipeg is home to various construction projects and is a large hub for manufacturing. All this large-scale work requires heavy equipment moving.

There is a safer and more efficient option. You can hire a machinery moving company. 

A crane company with an experienced and qualified crew would transport your equipment safer and faster than you could yourself.

Choosing a machinery moving company like Ken’s Crane Services gives you access to a host of specialized equipment. Read on to see why you should hire us for your next job. 

Hiring Crane Services Ensures Safety

Crane companies must adhere to industry safety measures to make sure heavy equipment moving jobs go smoothly. Ken's Crane Services is a COR® accredited business, so we meet nationally recognized safety standards.

Our operators have the skills and training to maneuver heavy machinery to and across worksites. You can also trust that our team will properly maintain their equipment to avoid delays to your project.

You Have Access to Experienced Workers

Ken's Crane Services has roots dating back 90+ years in transporting large machines. We understand industry protocol, and our experience can help avoid and resolve job site issues.

A Crane Company Is More Efficient

Ken's Crane Services team understands that your time and money are important. We know that any downtime or delays cost. You'll work alongside experts who will help you complete your projects speedily and efficiently. 

You'll Have Access to Various Services

Ken's Crane Services offers secure, insured, and 24/7 monitored storage to our customers. You can choose between indoor and outdoor facilities, and we have space for everything from HVAC units to oversized equipment.

Professional Assistance Will Save Time

Earlier, we mentioned that it's easy to lose track of time when working on construction projects. Professionals are known for their efficiency. Collaborating with a professional team will save you valuable time.

We'll help with the pre-job planning, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition.

Do You Need a  Machinery Moving Company in Winnipeg?

There are plenty of reasons why you should hire our machinery moving company. We're efficient, fast, and can operate heavy machinery safely. 

Ken's Crane Services is a full-service crane company and we've provided Winnipeg and Manitoba with various services, including secure storage, hauling, and crane services.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us today. Our team is here if you need reliable assistance moving your heavy machinery.


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